Tide Simply Clean And Fresh Liquid Laundry Detergent Reviews

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I love your product but find the dark cap hard to see inside for the line of how much I want to use.If you could put a light cap on people could see the usage line. I buy other detergent with a light cap just to use that lid. Your cap also drips all down the bottle. I have tried hard to keep it in the bottle but I find I have to always wipe it off. Hope this suggestion gets to the right person. I don't want to use another product, if I don't...
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I liked
  • Product actually works well
Hi, My name is Tammy Baker, I bought your Tide powder and I am not sure if it was just a bad batch or what but I went to wash o My families clothes and the powder clump up, so I rinsed and had to wad them over and over again the powder would not wash off ,it would get clumped and stayed that way everytime I wash them..I had bought a large box as I always do and never had this problem..I still have a whole box that I can't use and the store will...
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Tide Simply Clean & Fresh has the he designation on the label. This product suds up and is NOT for he machines. Have to run the load through an extra rise cycle. Do NOT buy for he machines. The washer filled with white suds which is not what any detergent for he should do. Some loads needed a second rinse cycle. Not what he detergents should do. I don't have this problem with the regular Tide for he machines. Stay with the regular Tide for he...
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I liked
  • Not having to measure
I didn't like
  • Ruined clothing with splotches that removed the color
  • Product

Tide Simply Clean And Fresh Liquid Laundry Detergent Review

To whom it may concern, I am so in love with the tide simply clean smell its so delicious on my child and i clothes. I love it. I just wish that the coupons you guys put in the sunday sales paper is a higher value so i can pick up the big bottle in the store. Overall great product cant wait until there is a fabric freshner liquid like it.