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I have been using tide for years this last batch of tide pods I bought have been sticking to clothes. Leave stains.

Would like something done about this can’t keep having my clothes destroyed or my children’s. Leaving white marks from them sticking to clothing.

Please fix this problem or get rid of tide pods, also I am asking to be reimbursed for 3 pants it destroyed and my daughters jacket 100.00. Along with what I spent on tide pods 25.00 sams club I think I will just buy the liquid and call it a day the gentle and free one no colors to stain anything.

Product or Service Mentioned: Tide Laundry Detergent.

Reason of review: Tide pods are not doing there job an dissolve properly at all .

Monetary Loss: $150.

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I have a front loader machine and Tide pods are tearing my clothes. I thought it was because I put the pods on top of the clothes, so I put the pod beneath the clothes, that still didn’t help.

Then I made sure I had a full load of clothes in the machine, it still messed up my clothes. Tide what gives?


I meant glue not blue


I’ve had the same problem it ruined 5 pairs of my work jeans & my work shirts. My husbands levis & my daughters jeans & tops also.

Feeling frustrated. It literally is stuck like if it’s blue & stained it I’ve washed them over about 3 times each & the stains won’t come out.

What do we do.? Tide pods didn’t do this before did they change something ?

to Isaacsnana #1523584

use alcohol ior nail palish remover it works

to Isaacsnana #1540900

Tide PODS are junk they seem to have some sort of reaction with other laundry products like downy fresh protect sprinkles that go in the washer. They stick to your clothes so much tht it tears clothingtrying to pull it apart.


Tide pods stained my whites . I've used tide for 30 years never have I had any problems


I just had the same thing happen . It ruined 3 pair of my work pants, 2 shirts and a pair of my shorts.

I am pissed.

I even dissolved the pod with the second load BEFORE even putting the clothes in the washer!! Not happy at ALL about this.


I have had 2 shirts ruined in 2 batches from the gummy casing not dissolving as well. I have no problem never using this product again. I’ve also shared my experience on Facebook warning friends so they also don’t lose clothes.

to Lisa #1557067

If u call the 800 Number on the box they will send u a 50$ prepaid card for clothing loss. Assuming you are using the pods correctly

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