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I have always been a Tide fan. Nothing has worked better at keeping my family's clothes clean.

A couple years ago, I tried a package of Tide pods to use at a laundermat near our weekend cottage. They were convenient and worked fine. Flash forward to a few weeks ago, I purchased a pack of Tide + febreeze 4 in 1 pods. They were on sale, so I decided to try them at home.

To be honest, they worked fine with no issues. Until this past weekend, on Sept. 12. I was a up north at the lake with my kids and had packed jeans for the cooler weather.

These 2 pair had been washed, dried and folded less than 2 weeks before by me. I ALWAYS put the pod in first and load jeans in first in cold water for dark colors. Of course, none of this was on my mind when I put on a pair of $88 White House Black Market jeans and headed into town to shop. About an hour later, my (very) upper thigh was feeling sore so I reached back and touched where it hurt and I felt a rip in my pants!

Directly below my right butt cheek! I was embarassed and wondered how I tore my pants and scratched my leg so bad without knowing. Later, when we got back, I immediately took off my pants and saw two circular, bleached out holes where the "rips" were. Also, there were 2 bright blue circles on my thigh, matching up to where the holes were.

I was dumbfounded. I grabbed a clean wet towel and wiped gently until the blue came off. I was left with two, bright, red painful welts. I couldn't it figure out until I put on the other pair if jeans.

I noticed right away a few faded spots and streaks. I still didn't put 2 and 2 together. Then one of the splotches started to fray about an hour later. I changed out of them and washed my legs really well.

There is no other possible explanation. The tide pods did NOT dissolve correctly, ruining 2 pairs of jeans- both bought this past spring -$166 and leaving me with a chemical burn on my leg.

It's been 4 days and my leg burn has turned to 2 round, crusty sore spots. Not a happy customer anymore.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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