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I bought 3 sets of new sheets and washed them as I always do before putting them on the bed. I tossed the pod in as I have always done, but man this time it has done nothing but cause issues.

When I went to take the sheets out of the washer I found large stains all over and the tide pod partially dissolved. (I washed the sheets in warm water so it's not like it was cold water). I rewashed the load again, and the sheets still had spots where the pod had "stuck" to the sheets and discolored the sheets. So I put them back in AGAIN (nothing like washing new sheets 3 times before even using them).

Finally got the pod to completely dissolve and wash out. I washed my sons bedding (a week later) and didn't see any stains so I put the sheets in the drier. When I went to make the bed with the clean sheets, there it was. The pod was melted on the sheets yet again.

I am not happy!!!!! I should not have to wash the same load of laundry 3 times to get the tide pod to completely wash out.

This better come out as these are brand new sheets!!! I got this box of tide pods at Costco as I have with the last 15 boxes.

Product or Service Mentioned: Tide Laundry Detergent.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $100.

Preferred solution: I want the company to correct the issue with the pods to they stop ruining loads of laundry! As well replace the HUGE box of pods as well pay for my time as I have better things to do than was the same load of laundry over and over again. .

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Have you ever had tide pods stop your washer draining


Yes this is happening to me also. Same...bought at Costco.

Not dissolving. my white sheer curtains had to be re-rinsed even though I have put the EXTRA rise cycle on the original Wash.

...what is going on? Never happened before with other pods (also from Tide).


At Least I know I'm not the only one !!!


The same thing just happened to me, my wonderful duvet cover has three spots of melted tide pod on it. We didn’t see it until it had gone thru the dryer.

It is completely stuck, I am not sure how it’s coming out. I’ll call the company tomorrow

to Tracy Buck #1594486

Just had the same thing happen to me :(


Hi, this same thing happened to my clothes also. My son's Miami Shirts.

So I've this before and usually it's after I have DRIED them in the dryer. I love using Tide; I suppose I will stop using the pods and go back to the liquid.


I'm having the same problem. I recently got a new Maytag machine, and I also recently began buying the pods at Costco.

So, I don't know the problem. I used to use pods all the time without issue.

I can't figure out if it is the machine or if Tide is now making the pods stronger to help with the issue of kids eating them! Gotta fix it, somehow!


This just happened to us as well. Brand new sheets.

It has left stains on other clothing items. No more Tide PODS in this house!


Same here new sheets at Cotsco and big box of tide pods. Washed them and put s pod in .

Sheets came out looking like grease stains everywhere!Going to return sheets and Tide pods. Had noticed plastic on clothes before and spots but never clued in.

This time I figured it out. Going back to liquid detergent!!


This very same thing happened to me and I was beside myself. Then I thought, am I using these things wrong and read the instructions.

You should not put them in with a load of clothes, rather start your machine with the pod in, then add your clothes.

For those of us who have front loaders, like my LG, I took the liquid dispenser and removed it as it suggests. Place the pod into the area for now powder and proceed as usual.

Works perfectly now

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