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Tide's Original liquid laundry detergent scent has been changed in the past year or so, and now it's unbearably bad. It's the same offensive scent Procter & Gamble uses in a line of car air fresheners and, most recently, Old Spice Pure Sport deodorant.

I first noticed it in Uber air fresheners, then in Tide, then in Old Spice. One by one, it stood out as awful. I discovered the trend in smells before I discovered these products were owned by the same company.

I have permanently discontinued use of Tide Original and Old Spice Pure Sport, which I have been using for decades. I buy detergent and deodorant based on smell and efficacy, and Procter & Gamble made a horrible decision to destroy 50% of these products' worth.

I'm not smell-blind. You've lost me as a customer.

Product or Service Mentioned: Tide Original Scent Liquid Laundry Detergent.

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I grew up with Tide powder and have always used it myself, as have my children. We're all quitting Tide now because the clothes stink.

Just did a load with cheap Kirkland powder and they don't have the old nice Tide smell, but they sure don't stink. Too bad.


I have been using a Tide original non-HE detergent and also just have smelled a horrible after-scent. My clothes stink to high heaven.

God, what is wrong with Proctor and Gamble? It's so foul I may need to return it. To say nothing about the fact that you cannot even find the regular bleach non-HE any longer.

I would be willing to bet that most folks don't have the HE machines. I do not like to use the HE in my regular machine.


I to get physically sick when I wash with TIDE. WHY did P&G change and what is the chemically that makes it smell sooooo bad?


Tide now smells AWFUL. It even smelled up my house during the wash cycle, even my kids made comments about the "gross" smell.

I will be throwing away 3 bottles and will try something new. It absolutely cannot be any worse.


Tide smells so bad. We were regular users, but it is disgusting smelling now.

We are no longer buying and I have several bottles that I will have to pitch. I can’t believe they put this product out.


I used to treat myself to Tide a couple of times a year because it's so expensive. That stopped a few years ago with the last box I bought. Yep, it definitely smells different, and not in a good way.


Agree, This new tide smell is awful. Never buying tide again!


I agree with this comment 100%


True!! Just bought it on sale at my local Walgreens.

It stinks! I only twisted the cap off to check the smell. Smells ratty!

I swear. I will return it.


Yes, I agree. I washed my bedding, and my room smells really bad.

I just rewatched with the scent beads only and hung outside to dry. Really bad!


First I noticed my clothes didn’t smell fresh with the Tide pods so I switched back to liquid and now I noticed the same thing. This is a very expensive brand and smells cheap or stall. I am going to switch to something else


The Tide Original liquid detergent does smell awful now, as does the Tide Liquid with Bleach. I don't buy either of them anymore.


Agree, won't buy it again. New scent stinks


I meant in my review it smells like talcum powdered f@rts on your clothes.


I think it makes clothes smell like powered ***. I know that sounds childish but that’s the best way for me to describe it.

I just used it for the first time in a longtime because I got a big bottle of liquid tide from my mom. Now all my clothes stinks.

Hearne, Texas, United States #1317390

I think that Tide is one of the absolute worst things to use. I believe that it causes mildew to grow.

We have a 3 year okd washer and have never had a problem with mildew smell. After one week of Tide, the smell over powers the washer area.

We cleaned it and went back to our old detergent for 6 months with no problem. Tried Tide again, and after less than a week...the mildew was back.

to John #1556043

I’ve notice the same thing as well. I was wondering if it was my washer!!

I cleaned my washer w baking soda and vinegar and it still smelled after. I then decided to take my clothes to the laundry mat thinking it was my washer, low and behold, the smell is still there!!!!

Now I know it’s TIDE!!! I guess I’m switching to a new detergent and it WILL NOT be ride because I agree, it stinks!!

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