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I am very frustrated my very costly and branded clothes got discolored and faded due to tide washing powder. First i thought that problem is with my clothes but there's no problem with clothes.

This washing powder turned my red colored top into black. all the tops were of high quality never faded before with surf excel. I used tide because of its fragrance but that also goes pungent after 30 min of soaking clothes into it. I dont use any soap or washing bar along I want with washing powder.

Almost 10 tops and 3 lowers got faded costing of Rs. 10000/- INR.

I want money. call me immediately

Monetary Loss: $10000.

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Black dye from your other clothes got on your white ones? It doesn't matter what detergent you use, you're not supposed to mix those.


I always use tide and never had a problem.Did you mix different clothes together?Clothes bleed dye never mix clothes sort your laundry.I really do not think it was the soap.The way the blue stain was on the white it sorta looks like you washed a pair of jeans with your laundry.You want money? You make me laugh.Learn how to do laundry correctly.I have used tide for decades never had a problem.

to me #822246

you know how to wash clothes right. come and wash these discoloration and for you kind info i dont wash jeans and tops together.

i believe you should go and learn how to wash clothes.

you can laugh a lot. m not asking money from you uncle

to nehamaurya1989 #822398

Maybe you did not dissolve the powder or used cold water always use warm to hot water and dissolve powder first.Tide wont give you any money because you are an i d o i t.I have used tide 30+ years with noooo problem.And you sound very uneducated with your uncle comment I laugh at your s t u p i d i t y.

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