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I love Tide Pods but then I bought an HE top load washer and the pods don't melt completely, they melt on my clothes and leaves my clothes looking like the were in a fire! I don't know if its just the top load HEs but that never happened with my agitating washer. I will still use the liquid but the pods were very convenient!

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  • From mobile
  • Oct 11
  • #934994

I just would like to say I'm very pleased with my tide liquid. Also like the tide pods. Always gets my clothes very clean!!

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  • From mobile
  • Oct 07
  • #932608

I've been using Tide Pods for a while and love using them especially when my husband has to wash clothes, but the pods have ruined a few things. Recently it was some sheets and before that it was a cover. It has stained them and it's even hard. This is very disappointing

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  • From mobile
  • Oct 06
  • #932341

I used your tide pods and wasnt happy. They would not break down. I just didnt like them. Very upset.

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I recently purchased two big bags of Tide with febreeze but when I made it home and opened one of the bags, i noticed tbey were busted. So i opened the other bag and it was the same way. I dont know if it was put on the shelves like that but thats how it was purchased to me. Im very disappointed because i was told i couldnt get a refund. Tide is a great product which id love to continue to use. Could you please help me in this situation. I dont... Read more

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Horrible hives right after switching from regular tide liquid to tide pods. Took 3 months, doctors visits, hundreds of dollars in new sheets, towels and new detergent to stop severe reaction on arms, legs, back. Lost sleep. Affected work.

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  • From mobile
  • Sep 20
  • #922601

Opened my container of tide pods and it's all wet inside cuz one of them leaked. What a mess. How do I keep the rest from opening. Very disappointed.

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The cover on the pods do not disolve then stains badly and can'i remove this has ruined several pair of my white dress pants, shirts and a pair of white bed sheets cal. king. Finally found the cover stuck to shirt. I pay 20.00 for pods and they ruin over 250.00 worth of goods DON'T BUY PODS!!!!! Don't have an email add to send photos but do have pics be glad to send. Like the other Tide products , I use them I have probably ten or more tide... Read more

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Well we always buy tide but this time it didn't clean so I don't know what went wrong but it did not clean very good and I paid 10 dollars that a lot of money to waste so please send me a coupon through the mail and I will try it again I like tide but can't afford to pay that kind of money for water so send me a coupon Ok or I will switch to gain. Very disappointed in product may be a ingredient was left out I don't know so see what you can do... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Sep 11
  • #916878

Tide with Downy left splotches on.a new shirt I had received as a birthday gift. Very upset over this as I had only worn the shirt for a few hours.

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