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  • Jul 21
  • #886370

Bought tide pods, bag says 14 packs? Only 12 were in my bag!

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I bought a 100 ounce tide, clean breeze, which I have always bought since my early years. I did a normal wash and lo and behold, it was nothing but blue liquid with no detergent in it. It never made any suds at all and left my clothes unclean and smelling bad, I thought perhaps it might be a new formula that doesn't make suds, so I tried it again with the same clothes were still dirty and smelling bad. What happened? I was... Read more

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Im a single mom of four boys, ive spent lots of money on your tide pods i bought three containers with the lid and your tide pods have ruined so many of our clothes, brand new clothes, spendy dress clothes, towels, hand towels, bedding and ive very dissapointed in your product...i spent that kind of money on your products because i believe in clean laundry, but having to cut the hard *** out of Everthing is ridiculous Read more

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My husband and I used this laundry detergent years ago and we both realized that we were getting a rash from it. Just recently I decided to use it again for our front loader and lo and behold I have a terrible rash from using it - arms, thigh, and stomach. The doctor has put me on prednisone to get rid of the rash. Very much like having poison ivy all over the body. I am having to rewash all towels, linens, and clothes. It must have... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Jun 27
  • #872621

I hope Tide considers helping my home state of West Virginia after the destruction of the floods. Several individuals contacted Tide, including those of us who live out of state to help during the water crisis. Tide didn't assist. I would hope that Tide has a heart to help those in need in the flood ravaged areas in West Virginia.

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  • From mobile
  • Jun 23
  • #870590

Please can you make a sport sented fabric softener everyone LOVES tide Sport. My son is a police officer and loves the way his clothes smell,bUT we then have to use fabric softener and the smell is gone. I try to hang most of our clothes but then they are wrinkled. Tide Sport Fabric Softener would be amazing. Thank you Cindy Leary

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  • From mobile
  • Jun 22
  • #870279

Do not use Tide pods. We thought it was a mishap, like the plastic melted onto my husbands rock revival jeans among other clothes. Next wash, my comforter set is ruined! Now I'm stuck with 80 pods I Can't use! Shame on you tide!

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I purchased my first set of Pods, used them according to the instructions on the box, yet, cotton socks, and cotton underwear came out with this gummy residue that I only noticed after the dryer had baked it on. I complained to Tide. They apologized and sent me a coupon for more tide saying I needed to use the hottest water possible. (Box states "dissolves in all temperatures"). I tried the hottest setting of my front loading machine on my... Read more

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Tide 3-in-1 pods have RUINED my clothing
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Don't waste your money or your clothing. The first time this happened I thought it was a fluke. Then I used Tide pods again and ended up with splotchy fading on several shirts. This has never happened when I've used other brands (such as Kirkland from Costco). This is not the fault of my washing machine nor is it operator error. I have followed the directions on using pods for years without issue. Until this horrible product. I'm... Read more

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i have been using your product for long time and i am so disappointed in the tide pods. I sent a email stating that i used the tide pods and that they made spots on my silk blouses, i even sent pictures and all they did was send me a coupon, what are you all going to do about replacing my blouses, i obtained those blouses in another state and i know that i will not be able to find them in my home state, i appreciate the coupon but in the letter... Read more

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