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Using tide liquid (the kind in the red plastic bottles), my white clothes came out with blue stains all over them. I have a huge washing machine and the loads were all small. Very small in fact and there was plenty of water in the wash load. Water temperature was set on hot. I have run water over the stains. Some came out, others did not (and clothes are ruined). I have shipped 4 extra HUGE bottles of blue tide to Paris where I am living. ... Read more

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  • 2 days ago
  • #908823

I would like someone to contact me about an experience with Tide Harrasment report

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  • From mobile
  • Aug 27
  • #908288

Ruined 5 atricles of my clothing the plastic or dissolving part of the pod stuck to my jeans and several other things leaving stains and one of the plastics was not noticed and upon drying melted into my jeans.

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  • Aug 22
  • #905409

I bought tide pods. Washed my high thread count sheets and used one pod in the dryer. The sheets are now ruined w greasy spots all over them

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  • Aug 21
  • #904526

I always used gain but decided to use the tide with bleach crystal lift. I hade to use 2 scoops to get my clothes clean.I thought tide was the best.

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  • From mobile
  • Aug 15
  • #901157

Hi my name is michelle, I really like tide laundry detergent but cannot afford it right now i would like to know if yall can send me some coupons please i really love tide alot it gets my clothes really clean and smell good thanks tide ☺

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I think you all should came out with fabic softer. The same as the wash power or liquid. I think people will buy it. And i love tide

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Tide He Liquid Laundry Detergent Review from Cerritos, California
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I bought this box of tide at SAMs club and when I open it my surprise was that one of the bags was completely empty seal and the box says 3 bags this is a really good way to steal papeles money Read more

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I am thoroughly disgusted with the Tide yoga aroma commercial. Tide is suggesting by the term and the way the woman in the commercial glances down at herself that her private parts smell so much that normal detergent can't get the odour out of her yoga pants, even going so far as describing it as smelling like a"wet dog". Number one, I don't know anyone who has this "yoga pant problem" and number two, it sends a disgusting message about women,... Read more

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Tide Simply Clean & Fresh has the he designation on the label. This product suds up and is NOT for he machines. Have to run the load through an extra rise cycle. Do NOT buy for he machines. The washer filled with white suds which is not what any detergent for he should do. Some loads needed a second rinse cycle. Not what he detergents should do. I don't have this problem with the regular Tide for he machines. Stay with the regular Tide for he... Read more

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